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The 10 Biggest Benefits Of Drinking Water

You already know that you should be drinking water. The benefits of drinking water are endless and it is essential for life. Experts say that as many as 60% of people are not drinking enough water each day. And when you don’t drink enough water your body and your brain don’t function the way that they should. When your car is low on gas you can tell because it doesn’t run properly, and the same thing is true of your body when you don’t drink enough water. Your body doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to without enough water.

The amount of water that each person needs to drink depends on different factors. Your activity level, where you live, your height and weight, and your diet can all have an impact on how much water you should be drinking. Regardless, the benefits of drinking water remain paramount for all people.

Your Activity Level

The amount of water that you need depends in part on how much physical activity that you get every day. If you are mostly sedentary and spend the bulk of the day sitting at a desk you will need less water than someone who is more active like an athlete or someone that has a demanding physical job where they are running around constantly.

Where You Live

If you live in a hot and dry climate like the desert you will need to drink more water than someone in a cooler and more temperate location. If you live in a hot and humid area like the Florida coast you will also need to drink a lot of water to replace the water that you lose when you sweat. And if you live at a high altitude you also may need to drink more water in order to stay healthy. The climate and weather where you live have a big impact on your hydration needs.

Your Height And Weight

Your body is more than 50% water, so it makes sense that if you are heavy or tall and have a larger body you will need to drink more water in order to give your body the water it needs to be healthy. Drinking more water can help you lose weight if you are heavier than you want to be but it’s important to make sure you’re drinking enough water for the weight you are now and not the weight you want to be.

Your Diet

If your diet is mostly processed foods, salty foods, or prepared foods you will probably notice that you are thirsty a lot of the time. You should be drinking extra water to make up for the salt and preservatives that you are ingesting every day. If you don’t drink extra water when you eat a lot of processed or prepared foods you could end up becoming dehydrated. Adding more fresh fruits and vegetables that have lots of water can help increase your hydration and make you healthier.

The 10 Benefits Of Drinking Water (Lots of it)

As a general rule doctors and medical experts say that you should drink eight glasses of water each day, assuming each glass has about 12 ounces of water in it. You can adjust that amount on your own based on lifestyle factors but making sure that you’re getting eight glasses of water each day is a good start. And once you start drinking the amount of water you’re supposed to be drinking you’ll quickly notice the benefits of drinking water like:


Increased Energy

If you have been lacking energy lately and you find it difficult to get through the day without a lot of sugar or caffeine part of the problem could be that you’re not drinking enough water. You need to drink water to keep your body working the way it should and keeping your blood full of oxygen. That oxygen-rich blood feeds the cells in your body so that your body will provide the natural energy that will keep you going all day. A healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and drinking enough water all essential if you want be more energetic throughout the day.

Weight Loss

Drinking water will help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight if you are happy with your weight. But drinking water is great for weight loss for several reasons. The first way that drinking more water helps you lose weight is by making you feel full so that you don’t eat as much at meals and don’t snack between meals. An easy way to eat less is to make sure that you drink a large glass of water about ten minutes before your meal so that you will feel full and eat less.

Another way that drinking water helps you lose weight is by making sure that toxins and unhealthy substances are removed from your cells. The more water you drink the more toxins will get flushed out of your system. And when you detox your body you will lose more weight. Drinking water is a safe and easy way to lose more weight.

Better Focus And Concentration

Your brain needs lots of water to stay healthy and function more efficiently. When you don’t drink enough water you can find yourself having trouble concentrating, feeling disconnected and checked out, and having difficulty following a train of thought. If you’re in meetings and you’re dehydrated you may find it difficult to follow what the speaker in the meeting is saying. When you are working you should always drink one glass of water for every caffeinated beverage you have to make sure that your brain is getting the amount of water it needs to stay sharp.

Stronger Immune System

If you want to boost your immune system so that you can fight off spring and summer allergies and colds and flu during the winter a great way to do that is drink more water. Drinking water gives your immune system a healthy boost and helps flush bacteria and illness-causing germs out of your body before they can make you sick.

Glowing Skin

You don’t need expensive skin care treatments and facials to give your skin a youthful glow. One of the best ways to naturally make your skin look great is to drink more water. Water keeps your skin cells healthy and makes your skin firmer and smoother. Instead of wasting money on face creams and lotions start drinking more water and within a week or so you will start noticing that your skin is much firmer and more youthful looking.


Celebrity endorsed detoxes are all the rage but water is the original detoxifier and it’s the only detoxifier that you really need. Drinking more water will naturally flush all the harmful toxins out of your body and make you feel more energetic and healthier. If you have been feeling sluggish or dull lately you are most likely dehydrated. Try drinking an additional two or three glasses of water during the day and see what happens. You will probably have a lot more energy and feel healthier within a week.

Better Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, dehydration could be part of the problem. Many people don’t realize that their bedrooms are full of very dry and unhealthy air. If you have the heat on in the winter or if you have the air conditioner or fan on in the summer those temperature controlling measures can cause the air in the bedroom to be extremely dry. And when the air is dry your sinuses will be dry and painful, your snoring will be worse, and people with sleep apnea may find themselves waking up gasping throughout the night. Drinking more water will help your body deal with the dry conditions in the bedroom and give you a better night’s sleep.

Happier Mood

When you feel better you will be in a better mood. And since dehydration can make you irritable and quick to become angry when you are drinking plenty of water you will feel happier, less likely to become depressed, and more patient with the people around you. Try drinking more water and you will find that your mood is a lot better during the day.

Better Circulation

Circulation problems are becoming more and more common because people these days are a lot more sedentary than people in the past were. Sitting at a desk all day can make the blood pool in your legs and cause your ankles and feet to swell. You may even start to develop varicose veins, which can be painful and unhealthy. Getting up to stretch regularly and drinking plenty of water to help boost your circulatory system can help improve your circulation and keep your legs healthy.

Safer Workouts

Your muscles and joints need to be lubricated with fluid in order for you to exercise safely. That’s why you have to warm up before a workout. That light movement releases fluid into your joints so that you don’t hurt yourself when you’re exercising. But if you are dehydrated your body can have a hard time getting your joints and muscles ready to exercise. You should always drink water about an hour before you plan on exercising, especially if you are exercising in the heat. You should also continue drinking water during your workout to replenish the water that you lose through sweat during the workout.

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